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Artist Statement

I am attracted both to order descending into chaos and the “new” rising from it. Urban and industrial landscapes in decay and the “unweeded garden” are inspirations.


Choice of collage materials reflect this interest. Things that have been left behind (old magazines, encyclopedias, user manuals, maps and blue prints) are repurposed thereby restoring and reinventing their relevance.

Artist Bio

I am a native of Windsor, Ontario - the southernmost city in Canada - on the border with Detroit, Michigan. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking – intaglio at the University of Windsor and my Master of Fine Arts in printmaking and drawing at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge.

I have worked as an illustrator, graphic designer and instructor both in the U.S. and Canada. My work is in private collections across the world including the United States, Germany, England, Hungary, Japan, Africa and India.

I live in Windsor with my family and our cat posse and work from my home studio primarily on canvas and glass.

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